Remember to think - I am the real expert about myself!


Not about anyone else, about yourself.

No one else have your knowledge about what is going on, how you feel, how you want to feel, how you react when faced with challenges to overcome and so on.

Same is true about what you want to accomplish, where you want to go, what is really important for you to understand and so on.

What everyone else can do is to offer help and guidance that can be degrees of either usable or useless.

Why the search for Human Multitasking keeps failing

Because we are only equipped with one core.

However, like a one-core CPU, the human biological core is well designed for timesharing to allow us simultaneously work on many thing.

Digital technology, especially online, allows us to manage many of our tasks in ways paper never could.

Here are the three screens on my two computers, one stationary and one mobile, that helps me organize and manage the ongoing digital dialogues I have through the online-world.

My developer workstation:


How online became channels with better collaboration as bonus

Gradually as I kept working on with the ideas presented in Time to develop an improved digital identity and in posts thereafter, another idea I've been toying with have panned out.

Simplified I have worked from the hypothesis that online communities are channels, personal and available online channels that I interact with and with ongoing own work to improve my personal user experience (pUX).

What is most relevant happens right now

...and it is an ongoing evolving process all around us.

It's our journey together

For soon a year I withdrew from the world around me, I needed time to rethink, regroup and especially to figure out what I can learn from past experiences to become someone with a greater purpose and ability to help out, to contribute and to do it righter.

In hindsight that is what I now know happened after that night last fall when two of my closest friends took charge of my situation and drove me, in the middle of the night, to the psychiatric emergency unit at a local hospital.

What's this Baksteg all about?

...simply speaking it is the Swedish word for Backstep.

However, there is much more symbolism behind it than just a straight translation from one spoken language to another.

Such as the opportunity to take a step back to get the bigger picture, the story behind and a greater overview of the situation.