What is going on with public service?

...as in #PublicService, as in #Radio & #TV then.

Here in Sweden where I live, there is an ever ongoing public debate about the role of old one way broadcasting rights to demand a fee or be collected as tax.

  • Based on them still being radio and TV channels styled organisations, spiced up with online social media.


The mechanics of globalization seen through - My Cousin Vinny

When watching the last 24 minutes, thanks Netflix for remembering where I was, my mind started to fill up with how this story can tell us something about the globalization going on.

The similarities are there. An untested lawyer from Brooklyn comes to a small town where everything is very different, the known playbook no longer a guiding force, having to adapt while still believing in himself despite all the annoying, seemingly unrelated, obstacles to be able to focus on the case.

So, a Kickstarter launched, now what?

Promise, when I yesterday began editing the Kickstarter project Make www.baksteg.se -> Multilingual Community the intention was not switching it alive, just to tidy up the notes and planning last worked on all those months ago.

However, as I kept editing the different tabs Basics, Rewards, Story, About you and Account the realization there was nothing more to wait for grew. The thought "Why not just to let it lose and see what happens?" became stronger.