The relativity of attention-span

  • How often do we not hear complaints from the same directions that YouTube, Twitter, facebook and other forms of digital social media is creating a generation of attention spanless individuals?


But, what about if attention is relative?

What if attention is something individual?

What if attention is situation based?

Wouldn't that contradict everyone still complaining that younger generations aren't paying attention to the right things?

Time to develop an improved digital identity

What I have discovered over the past four months is the urgent need to develop...

  • an improved Digital identity!


I've taken this time to re-install all my personal computers and other digital devices from the current official operating system of my choice.

I have also taken this time, actually for much longer time it turned out, to select what are my primary tools and services for standard internet based protocolls. Included but not limited to basic stuff like e-mail and file storage.

Is Onsite the new thing?

Over the past four months or so I have had a rare opportunity to re-evaluate how my life have turned out thus far.

I have been able to completely disconnect from all obligations the society, that we live in today, have created throughout history.

I was born 1968, when the student revolts where spreading throuout the western world, the cold war was still going on for another 21 years.

In school I learned, from books and lectures, from and about what was then known...

How limiting is the cut, copy and paste processes becoming?

I mean, we are sending small bits and pieces of data and content to and between us these days, as well as through a growing number of online applications and services.

Still we treat files and documents online as when saved on our own storage devices. Even worse, still as if every piece of information need to take physical form - Such as printed out on a paper.

Thus the need to transport files and documents, the more traditional way, is in reality a growing problem!

However, I also think we don't need to look far for an interesting perspective with potential.