Drupal 8 WYSIWYG and File Cleanup

WYSIWYG in Drupal 8 is going to rock, simple as that. Practically all annoyances, complications and other stuff we have had to endure In Drupal 7 and earlier has been fixed. Read all about it and also watch Nate Haug's DrupalCon Portland 2013 session about the improvements here.

Unfortunately Nate also revealed that Drupal 8 will still automatically delete files when their usage gets zero. That is a bad thing and I'll explain why I strongly believe that.

Our Drupal Workplace: The Issue Queue

Sooner, not later, you will end up in the Issue Queue on d.o. Its practically unavoidable if you want to get the most out of your relation with Drupal.

The more involved you get, particularly as a code developer or themer, you will find that you spend more and more of your time working on and jumping around between issues. The list of issues you are active in and/or monitoring is constantly growing.

At this point you have turned the issues queue into: Your Workplace!

We are the Drupaleros

I saw this tweet flashing by in my stream today:


What immediately caught my eye was Drupaleros, the Spanish word for Drupal User. Its such a great word and just sounds great.

Or what do you say about:

We are the Drupaleros!

Awesome isn't it?

Don’t Make Drupal the New ‘Microsoft Office’!

If you’ve been around the IT business a couple of decades, I’m sure you also remember what happened whenever Microsoft released a new Office version. They received a storm of user complaints! It was about the same thing every time: Microsoft had focused on adding shiny new features while neglecting to fix the existing ones. For every version office simply became more and more bloated.

Drupal SBUI Update and Progress Report

Its two and a half month since my community initiative Drupal SBUI made its announcement and a lot has happened since. I would like to take this opportunity to give you an update and overview of things. Personally I am very excited about the progress we already have made.

This post is also great timing due to that yesterday we got our first community collaboration project when the maintainer of the Fill PDF module asked if we can help out with improving its UX. Its something we really look forward to working on.

What is Drupal SBUI?

The Content Editors Are Your Most Important Users

I have, shamelessly, stolen the headline from the second slide of Jeff Eaton’s keynote (see embedded video at the end) at DrupalCamp Toronto November 17th. For me, this quote encapsulates one of the biggest challenges sitebuilders have, namely being able to construct amazing UX and usability for users, and particularly for those users that work with the content. The whole keynote is about that, the UX and usability for users and Jeff is, as usual, spot on about everything.