Time Talks Against IE8 Support for Drupal 8

Yesterday I published the Why not Drop IE8 support for Drupal 8? post and it got some really great feedback in the comments. Thanks for that, its always nice to hear good arguments as well as tips of where to find more information about something.

In this post I would like to follow up on those comments. First though lets start with a look at the market share Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) has and how it has developed from its height in April last year.

Thanks for Giving Me My Memory Back Firefox 15

Two days ago Mozilla released Firefox 15 with the promise it would come with a solution to the memory leaks especially add-on extensions caused. I have eagerly waited on its release and updated as soon as it became available. Since then I have kept one eye on the Processes tab in the Windows 7 Task manager, monitoring how much memory it reported Firefox using.

Firefox 15, the Zombie Killer

Today, August 28, Firefox 15 will be released and I haven't felt so excited about a new browser release for a long time.

Why you ask?

Simply because it promises to kill the zombies that puts a voodoo on memory consumption. For heavy users like myself, that has multiple windows with tens of tabs open at the same time, this will lead to Firefox using a lot less memory and in many cases be much quicker to work with. The lower memory footprint will of course also affect the whole computer and thus allow me to have more applications open that all will work faster.

Arrived at DrupalCon Munich

Today DrupalCon Munich opened with the training and CxO. OK, there have been some sprints going on over the weekend too, but the real opening was today.

I arrived just after 11 in the morning and as you can see of the photo there is not much to complain about the view from the hotel room on the 20th floor.

Drupal Limitations and Bottlenecks

By now, from reading the previous posts in this series, I hope I have been able to give you a better understanding about the various tasks and challenges a Drupal site builder is faced with. In this post my ambition is to demonstrate some of the limitations I have found that makes the process extra challenging, as well as adding to the Drupal learning curve.

The other posts in this series are: