Drupal Site Building Challenges

In the last post I showed you how central the site builder role is when planning, building and running a website. It virtually have bi-directional communication needs with every other role involved. In this one I will focus more on some of the main challenges a site builder is faced with in this process. That said, welcome to the third post of six in this series. The previous and upcoming ones are as follows:

The Drupal Site Building Experience

It’s easy to get the impression that modern site building using tools such as Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla is just a process of installing them plus a couple of modules. Then click away in the UI-configuration and the site is ready. In reality it is in most cases a much more demanding task, which I will show you in this post.

With that said, welcome to the second post in my Un(b)locking the Drupal Learning Curve series.

Un(b)locking the Drupal Learning Curve

I love being part of the vibrant and ever advancing Drupal community. When I first got to know it, just four years ago, I came with the purpose of finding the right tool to build a website with. Instead I quickly got lost within drupal.org, eagerly wanting to help improving Drupal. The website that brought me there is still a work in progress btw...

Gone Fishing

Went fishing with my friend Sacha today at a small lake a few kilometers from where I live. Summer in Sweden this year has meant rain pretty much every day. Today we where lucky and it kept away, even though there where lots of dark clouds.

The lake "Norra Långevattnet":

D8MI Group Discussion at Drupal Dev Days

I'm no pro on shooting videos, particularly not using a smartphone. But I though it might be interesting for the Drupal Community in general to get a little peek into discussions going on at sprint.

Below is a short video I shot of the D8MI initiative having a group discussion about things. Let me know in the comments if you like this and I will see if I can shoot a few more. Just bare in mind these will be raw unedited footage...

Arrived at Drupal Dev Days in Barcelona

After a quite interesting journey I have arrived in Barcelona for the Drupal Dev Days. The Media sprint doesn't start officially until tomorrow, so today I am adjusting to the much more pleasant climate Spain has to offer and doing some preparation for tomorrow.

There is a lot of stuff going on as there have been people sprinting here since since Monday. Here are a few snaps I took. First one of the main organizer Pedro Cambra himself.