Time to develop an improved digital identity

What I have discovered over the past four months is the urgent need to develop...

  • an improved Digital identity!


I've taken this time to re-install all my personal computers and other digital devices from the current official operating system of my choice.

I have also taken this time, actually for much longer time it turned out, to select what are my primary tools and services for standard internet based protocolls. Included but not limited to basic stuff like e-mail and file storage.

I've then resetted every service, online tool as well as locally installable client software.

This to be able to...

  • Re-discover each from how it actually works today
  • Re-learn how the new knowledge can help me improve


I've lost count on the number of facepalms, after discovering yet anouther badly outdated knowledge gap.

...when the alarmbells have been constantly ringing.

...but was to busy hearing,

...was busy chasing the wrong things.

For me my digital identity is all about the personal user experience (pUX) and what I can learn to improve it better. Preferable in ways improving for others as well.

With online we can better focus on the similarities between situations, instead of the result as when [something] has already happened.

With Open Source we have a fantastic platform of knowledge and experiences from open collaboration as well as experiences from when need of open transparency has already clashed with the olden days ways of controlling access to what should be considered public knowledge.

Sharing Economy

Maybe this is what the sharing economy is all about. That we also need to re-evaluate the current evaluations of what in the world something is worth?

I think that is important, because the current evaluation system where the money counts is becoming a problem, an obstacle that prevents us from making the progress that current science actually allows with knowledge we already have.

For me information and knowledge is worth nothing unless it is used right to create changes that makes things better.

Economy in sharing is not about spreading wealth in form of currency around, it is about creating real value to learn from so we can begin to really address the common global challenges in sight.

It also have to be done with better understanding and respect for local situations and resources.

Such a thing is already possible thanks to the digital infrastructure the open and free internet turned out to be.

Let's not forget to maintain our roots...

...while being onsite and better available.