How online became channels with better collaboration as bonus

Gradually as I kept working on with the ideas presented in Time to develop an improved digital identity and in posts thereafter, another idea I've been toying with have panned out.

Simplified I have worked from the hypothesis that online communities are channels, personal and available online channels that I interact with and with ongoing own work to improve my personal user experience (pUX).

First on the #ToDo-list was to go over all the online accounts and communities I had and prioritise from want to openly collaborate with.

Next to tidy up all profiles and go over all the configuration and design of those spaces. Make them better both for myself and everyone else that might "be exposed to it".

For this, I have been treating my email addresses as point-of-origin and the identities to channel online spaces through.

This have so far worked out far beyond even my most optimistic hopes.

Channels of open opportunity

The further I got, the pattern got clearer about how well this actually have turned out.

I was beginning to treat each account and community as individual, yet still bound together, opportunities to do better with.

Funny how things turn up sometimes, especially to help realizing decisions leads to action...

Open source really is my business now.

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