What is most relevant happens right now

...and it is an ongoing evolving process all around us.

It's our journey together

For soon a year I withdrew from the world around me, I needed time to rethink, regroup and especially to figure out what I can learn from past experiences to become someone with a greater purpose and ability to help out, to contribute and to do it righter.

In hindsight that is what I now know happened after that night last fall when two of my closest friends took charge of my situation and drove me, in the middle of the night, to the psychiatric emergency unit at a local hospital.

That night was the change of my life.

It was the night when I began to regain trust in myself, thanks to these two friends who showed they cared, to again understand that I was important and that they didn't want me to deteriorate more into the state I was heading straight forward into.

The search for purpose and passion

That was the night when my search for purpose and passion took form and my journey to get back on the road going forward restarted.

It hasn't been easy, there have been many bumps and even more mistakes done.

But my drive have continued forward, this time learning better for every new mistake and failure made.

The mindmap charted have like for James Cook become my own inspiration to curiosity.

Both the one telling my own history and the one making future directions clearer and more welcomed to take.

It has helped me find purpose, meaning and most of all passion and belief in what I now do.

History and future

The known history is ours, it is what the world - the universe as we know it - has evolved into.

It is our starting point brought forward by time.

The future is where we are heading, we can't stop it.

However, we can take aim and we can tell us the ambition is to learn from our combined past to allow us make the future better.

Such as to fix everything we now know was bad, was shortcuts we humans took to only please our own kind.

It is time for humankind to stop for a short moment, to rethink, to regroup and to redo what we have done wrong.

No one to blame

Our documented history is full of bad guys, people who screwed up the most and cost severe troubles for the rest.

We know that already!

Still they keep being blamed and used as reasons for not taking our responsibility to fix the challenges caused.

  • We are in charge
  • We can fix this
  • We can fix it when we decide we want to


It is up to ourselves, not anyone else to do it.


Why then are we still waiting for the worst to happen when we know it can be avoided?