What's this Baksteg all about?

...simply speaking it is the Swedish word for Backstep.

However, there is much more symbolism behind it than just a straight translation from one spoken language to another.

Such as the opportunity to take a step back to get the bigger picture, the story behind and a greater overview of the situation.


Earth at night


It is also about history, going back in our own, our personal as well as shared, to find clues about how we got to where we are and how to progress from here.

From history we get the backstory to learn from and bring with us when we take on everyday challenges.

In my opinion there has never been a greater opportunity to go behind the superficial, the obvious and the easy on the surface stories told by old ways trying to apply on our new things.

Now is the time to learn together, with our own unique experience, to go forward.


These are just a few of my reasons to want to build http://www.baksteg.se to aid in transforming the web into an even better multilingual community.

There are just to many untold stories out there, stories told in languages most of us don't already understand.

Stories told by people like you and me.