Why the search for Human Multitasking keeps failing

Because we are only equipped with one core.

However, like a one-core CPU, the human biological core is well designed for timesharing to allow us simultaneously work on many thing.

Digital technology, especially online, allows us to manage many of our tasks in ways paper never could.

Here are the three screens on my two computers, one stationary and one mobile, that helps me organize and manage the ongoing digital dialogues I have through the online-world.

My developer workstation:


Developer workstation screens


My notebook:


Mobile production desktop


However, that's the look it was a while ago. I constantly move tabs around, close some and open new as needed to make progress on all the individual channels of communication and collaboration I in that moment feel is relevant.

It helps me focus on what is important in the moment and makes me actually solving stuff.

If you still think human multitasting is possible, then think again.