Drupal 8 release date, confirmed!

The list, on the Help translate the Drupal 8 announcement and press release page over at Drupal.org, is in itself a moment of Open Source history in the makings.

Drupal 8 release date confirmed

That's two weeks from now, the product launch of Drupal 8.0.0!

The list shows that Open Source is so much more than "just the code..."!

Those 25 translations in the making, by volunteering community members, represent how far open borderless collaboration already have come.

Drupal 8 encapsulates a leap forward when it comes to the improvements made to language support, the multilingual and translation workflow support for developers, site builders, site owners, administrators and, ultimately, users is likely to set a whole new standard.

Learning Drupal 8

Below is a list I've compiled that can be seen as "chrash course" intro to the Drupal 8 developer and site maintaner roles improvements.


One headline is Sugar-free Composer and it realy is. Drupal Console is a pleasure to work with from my Ubuntu Desktop. All brought together with PhpStorm as IDE and the contrast to just 10+ years ago is almost mind boggling.

Open Source da best :)