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I am a Follower & Thinker

Lets start with a question - How often do you ask yourself:

  • How on earth did they think there/then?


...then set off spending quite a bit of time trying to reverse engineer it somehow!

I still do it all the time, more than once a day usually. Particularly when stumbling on new things, such as when hearing news about how bad state our world is in, or when watching a lecture or talk about an interesting topic.

To simplify, the big question for me ended something like this:

DrupalMill.com, .org and more, Up For Grabs

A couple of day ago I got a renewal notice from my domain registrar about drupalmill.com. It's a domain I have owned since a few years, a domain I had great plans and ambitions for when I got it. As time went bye, I never really got around to make those plans happened.

Adding to that, things have recently dramatically changed in my life. Changes that takes my personal goals and ambition in completely new directions. While Drupal still will play a central role, Drupal Mill wont.

Have We Allowed drupal.org to Become a Burden?

The community is currently having serious discussions exploring the possibility of moving important features and central tools from drupal.org to third party sites. This is important discussions and many good arguments for and against this is being presented. It also gives us much valuable knowledge about how other open source projects are organized and managed.

There is, however, cause for a lot of concern as a move would introduce fragmentation to the community. It will also force a large part of our user base to not only create accounts, but also to learn to use these tools. In many cases tools that they see little use for in their own roles.

In this post I am taking a look at our past and the current situation. I am also presenting thoughts and ideas about how we instead can turn what some see as a burden into a fantastic resource driving Drupal development and innovation forward.

Dogfooding our drupal.org Infrastructure

Most of the drupal.org infrastructure is currently running on Drupal 6. Drupal 7 has been out for soon three years and the work on upgrading our community home to it has gone on for almost a year now. At the same time we are busy getting Drupal 8 ready to be released.

The community is buzzing about Drupal 8 and motivated about getting it ready. But are we equally motivated about the needed work and maintenance of our infrastructure? Is there things we can do different? What would happen if we simply decided that we wont release a new major version of Drupal Core until after drupal.org runs on it?

In this post I am briefly outlining my ideas around how dogfooding drupal.org could lead to using our limited resources more efficient and in a way that the whole of the community would greatly benefit from.